Beverly Hills Chiropractic Specialist

Unlike traditional medications like anti-inflammatories, chiropractic specialists perform treatment at the location of joint and nerve pain. Massage and skeletal-adjustment techniques correct problems that could be due to injuries, posture or aging. The treatments and therapies provide relief for people with neck pain, spinal discomfort, migraines and a variety of other conditions.

Migraine headaches can have a variety of causes, including previous neck, head or spinal injuries. In some instances, these debilitating headaches won't appear until several months or even years after the injury. While medications can be used to ease the suffering of migraines, they do not treat the condition's origin.

Chiropractic Specialists Perform Migraine Therapy

A migraine session with a chiropractic specialist starts with a diagnosis of the problem. Often the root cause is the misalignment of spinal vertebrae, which leads to a decreased blood flow and irritated nerves. The chiropractic specialist can then correct these joint and spine issues to help reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.

Sometimes migraine chiropractic therapy is not enough to cure the patient completely. Stress and nutritional issues may also be part of the cause of these headaches, and a plan for healthy living is recommended by specialists for use with the therapy.

Dr. Nick Campos is a chiropractic specialist in the Beverly Hills area. In addition to migraine therapy and neck pain relief, he treats patients for various joint and skeletal issues as well as sports and occupational injuries.