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ABOUT Dr. Nicolas Campos, D.C.

Dr. Nicolas Campos, D.C. was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. An avid sports fan, he spent his youth playing sports and learning about physical fitness.
In 1975 his mother visited a chiropractor for the first time to be treated for a neck injury. At these visits she learned about the powerful healing abilities of the
human body and the capacity of chiropractic to facilitate this healing.

Wanting her entire family to receive the health benefits of chiropractic, Mrs. Campos brought Nicolas and his brother and sister along on subsequent visits. He was seven years old when he received his first chiropractic adjustment.

Nicolas Campos was educated at U.C. Berkeley and received his degree in Molecular and Cell Biology in 1994. His emphasis of study was in the rapidly growing field of Immunology.

Why Choose Dr. Nicolas Campos, D.C.

You have many options for Chiropractic Care in Southern California. The table below may help you compare our approach to that of other providers you are considering.
UCLA TMS Other TMS Providers
Comprehensive assessment for TMS, at-home neuromodulation, ketamine, and other treatment options
Development of a personalized treatment plan
Measurement-based care with weekly treatment planning meetings
Meeting with a psychiatrist at every treatment session in order to discuss your treatment progress
Regular communication from our treatment team to your primary mental health care provider
Sophisticated treatment protocols informed by the latest research
Customized adjustments to your treatment plan as often as needed to maximize your benefit
Combined treatment for OCD, pain, and other conditions that occur with depression, at no additional cost to you
Evidence-based and affordable treatment of chronic pain, tinnitus, and other conditions usually not covered by insurance
Affordable relapse prevention treatment protocols for depression

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Dr. Nicolas Campos, D.C.

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