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We are a way for the universe to know itself. ~ Carl Sagan (Cosmos, 1980)

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I’ve been a practicing chiropractor in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood for over two decades. In that time I have found that there is a huge misconception about health in general, and chiropractic care specifically. For the most part this is the fault of chiropractors—and I’m the first one to blame, because for many years I had written zero articles explaining the extraordinary story of our innate healing ability and chiropractic’s role in unleashing it. In fact, this is the first article that I am writing that explains why we are so powerful as living organisms, and where this power comes from.

The full story will be split into three parts, each describing an important aspect of the complete health picture. We will discuss Universal IntelligenceInnate Intelligence and Chiropractic Care—the three essentials to understanding how, as living organisms, humans have an innate self-healing, self-regulating ability that has not only allowed us to survive and evolve as a species, but has helped us thrive over a span of a couple million years.  Before we start, however, it would be wise to review the current popular approach to caring for human health, as this will give you an understanding as to why public misconceptions abound; and also why, if not careful, you actually lower your ability to thrive and even survive in a world that is constantly changing.

Pharmaceutical Age

west hollywood chiropractorWe currently live in the pharmaceutical age, although it hasn’t always been so. I know this sounds obvious, that we would live in an era of pills and other foreign substances, as modern medicine by its very definition is based on external therapeutics. But, historically speaking, medicine has encompassed a wide range of diagnostics and treatments, including antisepsis, bacteriology, virology, radiology and child-birthing. Advances in medical technology and research have progressed so rapidly that it almost seems as if there hasn’t been anything medical science couldn’t “cure”.

But medical science, like other growth industries, soon outpaced its subject—in this case disease—and had to find other problems to solve. Enter “abnormal” human physiology. No longer was it enough to simply fight the outer forces threatening human health, medical science needed more fronteirs to conquer. Why not help man function better? Yes! And what better arena than physiological processes falling outside of normal parameters. Thus the advent of medicalizing human conditions.

Menopause. Normal pregnancy. Infertility. ADHD. Even premature ejaculation—every variable was now fair game. The industry that once brought us the addage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” became the biggest proponent of making life better through medicine.

Drugs to fight anxiety and behavioral disorders, surgeries to enhance body image, medical procedures to combat male pattern baldness, or obesity, or sleep disorders, nothing has been left out.

Statins have been one such drug. Cholesterol-lowering statins were approved for public use in 1987.  Since then they have become the “best selling drugs of all time.” Although professional guidelines generally require that patients try a cholesterol-lowering diet before taking statins, many doctors today prescribe these drugs first and ask lifestyle questions later. Duh! And statins are merely one of a multitude of drugs that look to affect normal physiology—that is, what the body does on its own to carry out its day-to-day function.

beverly hills chiropractorWhat has been the result of this massive influx of pharmaceuticals is that we now have a pill for every ill. Rare is the person that lets the body do it’s thing, naturally; or takes a cue from his or her physiological dysfunction to make a few lifestyle changes. Some people even use pharmaceuticals in an attempt to become super-human, as reports tell of a number using “blockbuster” or “lifestyle” drugs to enhance their physical potential (anabolic steroids), mental aptitude (smart drugs), and sexual prowess (Viagra).  But do all these drugs really provide health? Do pharmaceuticals give us what we need to express our full physical and mental capabilities? Does health really come from something outside of ourselves?

Universal Intelligence

The universe is run by a Universal Intelligence.

We can all agree that there is an order to the universe such that we can observe phenomena, measure them, create mathematical formulas to represent them, and then make predictions on these same phenomena in the future. Universal Intelligence is this order.

los angeles chiropractorUniversal Intelligence is responsible for electrons revolving around atoms, for molecules coming together in chemical reactions to form compounds, for weather patterns in one part of the world to be completely and consistently different than in others, for the orbit of planets encircling the sun, and it is responsible for the explosion and death of stars. Universal phenomena are not random; they follow a definite pattern, which we see over and over again. This pattern is Universal intelligence.

Some people call Universal Intelligence God, others Mithra, and even others the Mothership; some call it Universal Mind, and some simply call it The Universe. Some people reject that there is even any importance to this order at all. They liken it to some sort of random orderliness—structure without reason; purposeless patterns. Regardless of whether you equate universal order to randomness or godliness, there is no denying that a grand structural organization and operation of the entire system is in play.  This is Universal Intelligence.

Everything in existence owes itself to Universal Intelligence. As Carl Sagan taught, “We are made of star stuff. For the most part, atoms heavier than hydrogen were created in the interiors of stars and then expelled into space to be incorporated into later stars. The Sun is probably a third generation star.”

west hollywood chiropracticIn other words, matter originates from the basic atomic material that makes up the stellar bodies.  We cannot separate ourselves, or anything else, from the universe. We come from Universal Intelligence, we are bound by Universal Intelligence, and we are Universal Intelligence. Universal Intelligence operates through us at all times.

Universal Intelligence operating within living things is called Innate Intelligence. This magnificent topic is we will be touching on next month. Stay tuned.

-May 15, 2010

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