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The Five Mental Blocks to Healing

Healing is a complex process. It requires a perfect balance of attention, energy, professional knowledge and skill to heal from any injury or illness. We all have the capacity to heal—every one of us—so why do some people heal quickly, while others seem to revolve through a vicious cycle of recurrence and exacerbation? The answer […]

How to Find a Chiropractor: Everything you need to know to find the right chiropractor for you.

I have been a practicing chiropractor for twent-three years. I work in perhaps the most chiropractically concentrated region of the country. Along with New York, the Los Angeles regions of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood have more chiropractors per square mile than any other parts of the world.  San Francisco, Boston and Chicago also have high concentrations of chiropractors, so people living […]

Shoulder Pain First Thing In Morning

Shoulder pain first thing in the morning, difficulty putting on shirts and jackets, and pain lifting the arm above the shoulder are all symptoms of a common yet debilitating condition called shoulder impingement syndrome. They are also common symptoms of a condition called rotator cuff syndrome. Unfortunately, those symptoms are one of the few things […]